Pier Inquiry Form

The purpose of the Pier Inquiry form is to formally present/submit a topic to the Epworth Forest Administration Committee (EFAC) for review and response. This is the only approved method for members to submit topics to be addressed by the Board of Directors (BoD). The EFAC feels that it is in the members’ best interest to have their inquiry documented and reviewed consistently by all on the Committee. Inquiries will be reviewed at BoD meeting that follows the date the inquiry was received. The form can be completed and submitted electronically (below) or can be printed and mailed to PO Box 214, North Webster, IN 46555.

Please Note:

• Acknowledgement of receipt of the inquiry will be emailed within seven (7) days.
• A response will be emailed to the submitter within seven (7) days of acknowledgement.
• If a BoD decision is required / needed in order for the BoD to respond, an explanation will be given in the response to the inquiry submitter and anyone else impacted / associated with the inquiry.
• If the BoD requires further details regarding the inquiry, the submitter along with anyone else impacted / associated with the inquiry may be asked to attend the next BoD meeting to discuss the situation.
• Inquiry responses and decisions will be captured in the BoD meeting summaries posted on the EF (Pier) Administration website.